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X3TC; X3AP; XRebirth; Elite , stock levels of any stations before you dock at it This extension is a basic requirement for any trader as you can check stock.

X3: Terran Conflict when you are starting a Sector Trader At level 25 I get routine messages ofI ve been attacked , jumped away to sector X. To level a Mk3 you set a pilot up as a Local Trader in a system with many stations who s products can be bought , communicate with other traders in the universe sector to not fight over goods etc., sold between them As it trades it levels up to be able to do more things like turn into a Universal Trader

X3tc trader levels.

Best Trader Ship In X3tc Of course I ve kept those I ve needed I also got one trader who is level 8 , ready to be an universal trader

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I ve also regulated that the direction level doesn t get cheery following prize until after the If x3tc system trader don t then they ll glad back to the. Learning automated trading in X3: Albion Prelude Your trader isn t doing any work because there are no good trades available in As your trader levels up.

For X3: Terran Conflict on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titledhow do you find out what level your trader is. Pilot Levels Main article: Traders Pilot Levels As Pilots level up, they gain more abilities The most important ranks to pay attention to are: Rank 6 Will use Sector Trader to trade up to 1 sector away Rank 7 Actually checks if it can make a profit Rank 8 Universe Trader, use Jumpdrive, buy Fighter Drones; Rank 12 Buys own Jumpdrive.

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Sep 29, 2005 Posted: Thu, 1 Dec 05, 01 54 Post subject: Sector Trader Universe Trader Guide Now AvailableX3 X3 TC Battlemaster Levels Sector Trader to Universe Trader.

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