French fur trade knives banigu66697000

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French fur trade knives.

The Beginning of the Fur Trade The fur trade in Canada began slowly At first, Europeans thought the new land was only a good source of fish. Crazy Crow Trading Post offers a large selection of Native American books , as well as Mountain Man books videos for those interested in the fur trade era., videos

Birchbark canoes in the style of the Malecite Penobscot Passamaquoddy, Abnaki tribes Also available are old form Algonquin , Fur Trade era styles
description, identification, types and history of fur trade tomahawks. Voyageurs travelers" in French) were men hired to work for the fur traders to transport trade goods throughout the vast territory to rendezvous posts.

Potawatomi 1600 the Potawatomi lived in the northern third of lower Michigan Threatened by the Ontario tribes trading with the FrenchNeutrals.

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